Osteopathy is a complete medical and health system based on a philosophy which combines the patient’s needs with a manual practice of diagnosis and treatments for local functional disorders or affections in different body areas and systems.

Osteopathy is not an exclusive therapeutic discipline but an essential help, and should be  integrated into other therapeutic disciplines, directly connected to healthcare.


Osteopathy relies on simple principles :

  • The body works as a unique system. Every part is connected and interract with the other ones.
  • The body fluids flow : like in surgery, a good vascularization is essential to treat the damaged tissue.
  • Interraction between structure and function.
  • As Still said, “disease is the result of anatomical anomalies followed by physiological disorder“.
  • The body’s capability to heal itself. Whoever the doctor is, his role is to help the patient healing himself.
  • The cause and effect rule. This one can be applied to osteopathy as well as the whole universe.
  • Good health is the regular condition. The body is capable of enduring, fighting in many ways the daily life stress.
  • Disorders appear when this previous capacity decreases.